1. Who is the platform for ?

This free platform is designed to help landlords in Munich who are looking to rent or sublet their accommodation. It allows them to give a detailed description of the accommodation (i.e: WG-Zimmer, 1-Zimmer Wohnung, Wohnung or Haus) they are looking to rent. If they want to, they can also include as many as six photos of their accommodation. At the bottom of each offer, the landlord contact details are automatically included.

2. What do the accommodation types in German mean ?

To avoid any misunderstandings between accommodation seekers and German-speaking landlords, German accommodations terms were purposely used.

Here is a very brief overview of the 4 different accommodation types available:

1.WG-Zimmer - private room in a university campus or in a shared community residential area

2.1-Zimmer Wohnung - Single room rented within an apartment or flat. The apartment is usually shared with one or more roommates.

3.Wohnung - Apartment or flat.

4. Haus - House

3. Where can I add additional information regarding my offer ?

All fields within an accommodation offer are self-explanatory. However, if you would like to add additional infos (for example: total number of rooms in an apartment or house, garden/garage description, connections to nearby public transportation systems, neighborhood description, etc, etc ...), you can use the field "Description".

4. What is meant exactly by the field "Accommodation Area (m2)" ?

1. For "WG-Zimmer": Area of the room

2. For "1-Zimmer Wohung": Area of the room to be rented within the apartment

3. For "Wohnung": Total living area of the apartment

4. For "Haus": Total living area within the house, not including a potential garden and/or garage

5. Is an accommodation offer I create automatically published ? Can I edit or delete it anytime ?

A user can create as many offers as he/she wishes. However, the offer has to be reviewed by an admin first before it is published. Offers can be edited and deleted at anytime.

6. Which image size should I use ? Are the images automatically resized ?

As of now, photos of accommodations are NOT resized. To improve the site usability, they are all shown with a width of 400 pixels and a height of 400 pixels. You are therefore strongly encouraged to upload pictures with a width and height close to those values.

7. Why is the submitted mobile phone number not accepted ?

To filter out fake registrations, accommodation seekers are asked to enter their own (valid) german commercial mobile phone numbers. Here is a brief overview of the format type:


Note: The administrator reserves himself the right to remove users who repeatedly enter (1) suspicious mobile phone numbers (2) suspicious information and attack them in justice if needed.

8. Is any information on the site distributed or sold to third parties ?

None of the information entered by a landlord is given, shared or sold to any third parties. Furthermore, a landlord can delete his/her profile at anytime. No personal information is saved. For more details, refer to the terms and conditions of use (Datenschutzerklärung).

9. What happens if I forget my password ?

Please write an email to kamibarut@yahoo.com requesting a new password. You will receive a new password per email within 24 hours.

Note: Only registered email addresses on the site can receive a new password.

10. Who do I contact if I have a question ?

For any questions: kamibarut@yahoo.com

I will do my best to answer any question within 24 hours.